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Topic: Explain functioning of Web Services Protocols ?
Sachin Jain
11 Oct 2010 at 03:11 AM
Explain functioning of Web Services Protocols ?
Re: Explain functioning of Web Services Protocols ?
12 Oct 2010 at 03:23 AM

Http-Get: - This is standard protocol that helps client to communicate with server with HTTP. When client send a request to server via HTTP request and required parameter are attached with the querystring.Example:- and we get the value from querystring.

Request.querystring ("id")
Request.querystring ("cast").

Http-Post:-This is same as Http-Get but the difference is that in place of sending parameters onto the URL information is send with HTTP request message with some extra information which contains Parameters and their values. This Protocol is limited to sending name/value pairs.

SOAP:-The only difference is that its relies on the XML as compares to Http-Get,Http-Post.SOAP can send not only the name/value pairs but also some complex object also as for example datatypes,class,objects.SOAP can also uses request/response model as Http-Get, Http-post but it is not limited to Request/Response it can also send types of message. Because its uses XML that is pure text so firewalls not created so much problem because its easily converted in to HTML.
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