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Sql Server function to convert comma separated value into tabular format
Description Some times when writing sql query we have comma separated values and we want to convert it into tabular format so that we can apply in clause easily. So for that purpose I am giving a function that can perform this task very easily. You need to pass only the comma separated values as argument and it return the tabular format.   No. of Views     2982
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Author Sumit Gupta   Posted On     11 Jul 2011
Tags SQL SERVER,General    

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Create Function fn_GetSeprateValues(@Ids varchar(8000))
returns @Table Table(Id varchar(100))

Declare @ind int
Declare @Start int

Set @Ids=@Ids+','
Set @Start=1

Set @ind =charindex(',',@Ids)
        Declare @SubId varchar(100)
        Set @SubId=Substring(@Ids,@Start,(@ind-1))
        if(@SubId<>'' and @SubId Is Not Null)
            insert into @Table(Id) values(@SubId)
        Set @Ids =Substring(@Ids,@ind+1,Len(@Ids))
        SET @ind = charindex(',',@Ids ) 




I hope it make sense..

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Posted By Annonymous on 02 Sep 2011 at 10:34 PM
Hey, good to find someone who aegers with me. GMTA.
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