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Disable Backspace key using java script
Description This code shows how to disable backspace key and enter key using java script   No. of Views     4978
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Author Sumit Gupta   Posted On     31 Aug 2010
Tags ASP.NET,Java Script,HTML    

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Yesterday I was working on the online exam form. And I was told to disable the backspace button of the browser so that user can't go the previous page by pressing the backspace button of the KeyBoard.

After googling alot I found the useful code to disable the backspace button and default enter key from the key board. Although the user can go to the previous page by clicking on the backbutton image of the browser.


<script type="text/javascript">

        // Trap Backspace(8) and Enter(13) - 
        // Except bksp on text/textareas, enter on textarea/submit

        if (typeof window.event != 'undefined') // IE
            document.onkeydown = function() // IE
                var t = event.srcElement.type;
                var kc = event.keyCode;
                return ((kc != 8 && kc != 13) || (t == 'text' && kc != 13) ||
             (t == 'textarea') || (t == 'submit' && kc == 13))
            document.onkeypress = function(e)  // FireFox/Others 
                var t =;
                var kc = e.keyCode;
                if ((kc != 8 && kc != 13) || (t == 'text' && kc != 13) ||
        (t == 'textarea') || (t == 'submit' && kc == 13))
                    return true
                else {
                    //alert('Sorry Backspace/Enter is not allowed here'); // Demo code
                    return false


When ever a user press the backspace key button, an event is generated. In the JS function above we can capture the event and do the action accordingly.

Happy Coding

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