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How to pass parameters to a method executing by a thread in c-sharp
Description How to pass parameters to a method executing by a thread in c#.   No. of Views     1334
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Author Najmul Hoda   Posted On     08 Feb 2014
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Many times we need to execute methods in different threads for muti-tasking and  to improve application  performance. In some situation these methods need parameters to be passed in them.


Here is the codesnippet for executing a method in a thread with one or mutiple params.


public void ParameterisedThreadExample()
string userName = "najmul";
string userPwd = "najmul123#"
var TaskId = 101;

Thread thread = new Thread(() => LongRunningProcess(UserName,UserPwd,TaskId));

private void LongRunningProcess(string UserName, string UserPwd, int TaskId)
	// do something


Hope this will help someone....





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