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How to convert a class library project into web application
Description How to convert a class library project into web application? What is web application? Difference between website and web application?   No. of Views     1778
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Author Jalpesh Vadgama   Posted On     15 Aug 2011
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Web applications were there in Visual Studio.Net 2003. After launch of Visual studio.Net Microsoft has introduced a new concept like website. But after huge demands community Microsoft has reintroduced Microsoft web applications project which is very similar to webapplication in 2003. With visual 2008 you will have both the options webapplication and website to create application. First we discuss the difference between it.


Difference between webapplication and website.

The main difference is that website project can be complied on the fly. You need to compile every time when you changed the code. While in webapplication you have compile solutions and create binary files(.DLL) in the code then you can have new code effect in application.It will have all the code in bin folder as DLL.

Website project can be opened without a project solution file while webapplication projects can not opened without a solutions.


A website usually refers to the front-end interface through which the public interact with your business online.Website's are typically informational in nature with a limited amount of advanced functionality. Simple websites consist primarily of static content where the data displayed is the same for every visitor and content changes are infrequent. More advanced websites may sport features such as Commerce, content management and interactive content.

Where AS A web application or Rich Internet Application (RIA) usually includes a website component but features additional advanced functionality to replace or enhance existing business processes. The interface design objective behind a web application is to simulate the intuitive, immediate interaction a user experiences with a desktop application.

Web applications frequently integrate with existing business IT infrastructure such as accounting packages, stock management systems, ERP, etc.


You can download web application projects for visual studio 2005 from the following location.

I have found a very great link to convert existing class library or another project into web application..Here is the link..

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There's a trerific amount of knowledge in this article!
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