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Find lowest number in an array in LINQ
Description Find lowest number in an array in LINQ   No. of Views     2370
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Author Deepika Chauhan   Posted On     15 Feb 2011
Tags ADO.NET,C#,LINQ,LINQ to Object    

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We often need to find the lowest number in an array of integer or real number.
Here I will explain how easy it is to find lowest number in C# using LINQ.
public void FindLowest()
    int[] arrAge = { 12, 8, 11, 13, 1, 28, 9, 67, 12, 10 };
    int minAge = arrAge.Min();
    Response.Write ("The minimum Age is {0}.", minAge);


Code Explanation

 In the first line I have declared an array of int. In the second line you can see I have used Min function to get the minimum in the array.



The minimum Age is 1


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