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DotNetLogix is a dynamic platform that enables software professionals to learn more about the latest Microsoft Technologies and trends available in the industry. Here at DotNetLogix, we publish technical articles on the new technologies and on various other topics.

It has discussion forum/board which enhances your programming skills and gives new acmes to your knowledge and skills. Through this channel you can exchange your views on new technologies and trends on different topics. The intend is just not to create only a developer-designer focused content site, but also one that aims at giving a better understanding of the technologies. The motive was also to create a two way communication where readers could give their feedback about the content via emails and comments.

DotNetLogix is becoming a website that continues its efforts to keep them upto date with the latest Microsoft Technologies. The website features article and tips on Asp.Net, Ajax, Jquery, LINQ, Silverlight, C#, VB.NET, Windowforms, XML and delivers content to Newsletters and RSS subscribers every weak.

Many people have contributed to the success of the web site. We have a strong panel of experts who contributes towards the content & development of the site. We also have Admin, Editors, Publishers & Publicists who strive to deliver content every alternate day to our viewers.

If you have a business related question or a comment regarding your experience at DotNetLogix, feel free to contact us at . If you would like to ask a technical or programming question, please feel free to visit our Forum.

Finally we require your feedback & support.